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TREND ALERT! Assaulting Drunk Girls at Parties (Since Apparently that’s New)

The Windsor Star is reporting that a girl was allegedly sexually assaulted while attending the after-party of her high school prom. An Essex County teen has been charged for the attack but because of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, not a lot of details can be given.


(Not actually the prom, or people, in question. These cool kids had prom in 2007)

The executive director of the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre of Essex County, Lydia Fiorini, is saying that this “disturbing trend” has been highlighted recently by the media publicity surrounding attacks such as the Steubenville rape case and others, where the assault has taken place after a girl passes out from drinking.

The article in the Star does a lot to highlight the fact that these young girls were drinking, and not the fact that the young boys were raping. Not to mention, nothing at all to highlight the bravery of girls for reporting the attacks. Do they really think that there are MORE of these kinds of rape cases due to recent publicity? That teen boys are hearing the news stories and thinking, “hey – good idea man! Here I was, all set up to get a girl’s willing consent but… I’ll just rape a drunk girl! Never thought of that one before, bro.

According to Statistics Canada, only 6% of sexual assaults in Canada are reported to the police and 60% of sexual assault victims are under the age of 17. The fact that the police have already charged someone with this assault, and the fact that the media is reporting on it at all, are GOOD signs – not one of a “disturbing trend”. Raping girls, drunk or otherwise, is not new. It’s not just a trend. It’s not something that should be ignored.

Over at Essex County’s Sexual Assault Crisis Centre, they have decided that due to this “trend” of raping drunk girls at parties, they have had no choice but to start what they call a “Party Safe” initiative. What’s that about, you ask? Are they going around to high schools and telling boys how to safely party by not taking advantage of their inebriated peers? Are they telling boys about the very serious offense that is rape, and scaring them shitless so that they don’t ever do it?


The “Party Safe” initiative is more like a designated driver for no-rape. Not even as in, boys will make sure that their classmates don’t rape girls, just like the DD makes sure their friends don’t drink and drive. Instead, it’s an initiative to get girls to attend parties with a “buddy” who stays sober and makes sure that her friend doesn’t get raped.

Yeah. That’s clearly the problem. Girls aren’t watching out for their friends enough. God, how many times have I been sexually assaulted only to think, “WHERE was my friend to stop this from happening? What a bitch.”

Thanks for this, Essex County – you fixed the problem of rape culture! Who knew that all we needed to do was tell these girls to stop getting raped, rather than telling boys to stop raping girls? We had it all backwards.

3 thoughts on “TREND ALERT! Assaulting Drunk Girls at Parties (Since Apparently that’s New)

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  2. Finally read this article and wow, my thoughts exactly in so many ways. As someone who was sexually assaulted while intoxicated despite having a WONDERFUL friend (no sarcasm at all, truly love the friend) trying to look our for me I think this party safe initiative is perpetuating the victim-blaming that we need to get away from. These boys/men/****wads know EXACTLY what they are doing, they are to blame, and they are just as likely to be drinking as their victims. Just ridiculous.

    • Exactly. Plus, whether or not they know what they’re doing is another issue. Some might not even realize that what they’re doing is not OK, and that’s when you realize how intense rape culture has gotten, and how scary the situation really is.

      Thanks for reading, by the way!

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