Nostalgia is fuelled by naive sentimentality and perpetuated by exaggeration. In the millennial age, we have the habit of prematurely referencing what we’ve recently lived through, so it makes sense then that we are currently obsessed with an era that has barely earned the title “vintage”: The 1990’s. Now I love a sallow chick with pink hair and brothel creepers as much as the next gal, but we need to take a much needed momentary break from the tired lamentations of soft-grunge and get down to really dissecting some 90’s revival trends happening this season.

Trend: Holographics


In 2011, German couture designer Stefan Eckert teamed up with Tom Joekel to render models as 3D holograms for the purpose of a Hamburg fashion show. A year later, the mysterious appearance of a Tupac (RIP) hologram at Coachella solidified that the trend was back in a monumental way. This season, this reflective trend is popping up in garments and accessories everywhere from Burberry’s runway to Proenza’s clutches to the sneakers at H&M. We all know you’ve been saving that weird evil gnome holographic necklace that came free with your Goosebumps all those years ago for the right occasion, and now is the time to rock it. The 3D effect of holography is undeniably our current obsession and due to its shiny and playful nature it should be embraced with open arms. Australian designer Emma Mulholland’s “Spaced Out” collection features a whole variety of fun and weird reflective items in both pieces and accessories and is available at For accessories, try for a variety of shiny shoes and accouterments from Cheap Monday, Jeffrey Campbell and Miista, including my personal favourite, the “Zoe Oxford.” Take the look to the next level with some polarized shades from or your friendly local Oakley dealer.

Trend: Sneakers with everything

Sneakers with Everything

The sneaker has been a staple in Tokyo fashion since Shoichi Aoki’s magazine Fruits began circulating in 1997 and has continued to be the ultimate avant-garde statement in nonchalant coolness both in the Harajuku district and beyond. The 90’s revival has surfaced equally in platform sneakers and running shoes and is undeniably influenced by the ingrained memory of 5 smiling, Girl Power pushing, loudmouthed Brits who stole the heart of every girl (and many boys) under the sun in the mid-90’s. However, many designers were experimenting with androgynous style that combined formal elements with active wear around the same time. For S/S 2013, London’s Ashish debuted a whole ready-to-wear line that focused on the principles of mixing fancy gear with activewear, topping each outfit off with a mint pair of Reebok classics. offers a full range of customizable options in their NikeiD section, which currently features Liberty London floral prints on any sneaker of your choice.

Trend: Cropping

Crop Tops

This is a bit of a given, but the resurgence of the crop top is undeniable. A tribute to 90’s counterculture, the crop top is the most common DIY piece for those with no sewing magic. Usually an average piece, preferably jersey or mesh, is obtained from a local thrift store and mutilated secretly in the private settings of so many bedrooms to achieve the effect. However there are some cute favourites I have to mention from Canadian designers. Montreal’s Yard666Sale makes a tye-died Nirvana shirt with glow-in-the-dark slime writing, an amazing Technicolor tribute to the iconic 90’s band and is a cool, unofficial and unique way of representing everyone’s favourite grunge band. Don’t look past their Beavis and Butthead on acid sweaters while you’re at it. More on the riot grrrl side of things is Worship the Fallen’s “Creep” crop top with giant varsity lettering that serves as a nod to 90’s teen culture. They also produce a “hoodrat” jersey number, a “Trap Diva” halter and a “TTYN” babydoll t to get your T-Boz on (

Trend: Mis-Matching

Mix and Match

If it were at all feasible, my room would be wall to ceiling painted by Keith Haring – just a simple white room with black designs, nothing too extra while being completely over the top. In the absence of this miraculous idea, I have been forced to settle for excessively patterned clothing. Luckily, I’m not alone. Designers such as Kenzo, Marc Jacobs and Dolce and Gabanna all focused on mixing and matching some serious patterns in their SS13 runways. Stars such as Iggy Azalea, Beyonce, M.I.A and Rihanna have all been endorsing the pattern craze; its easy and its cute, and Coogi sweaters will always hit the spot for those cooler summer nights (as well show you know how to rep some 90’s hip hop style). One of the best things about patterns is how well they go with your gold accessories to create a perfectly tropical yet classy summer look. Check out Jeremy Scott’s collection for some outrageous patterns, and don’t neglect your favourite vintage store for one-of-a-kind prints you would never otherwise see.

So go on out there. Get crazy. And don’t forget:

You can take the girl out of the 90’s – but you can’t take the 90’s out of the girl.

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