Toronto Man Likens Living Beside Dog Park to Guantanamo Bay

“It startles him awake every morning and stops him from sleeping at night. He considers it torture.”


Let me just start off by pointing out that I am biased. Very, very biased.

I love dogs. I love dog noises. I don’t live with my own BFF anymore, and I miss him insanely. I even miss his annoying 8 a.m. howling when he thinks he’s alone in the house.

emmett snuggleSnuggling after a hard day of work

I admit: I purposely go out of my way to spend as much time as I can around strangers’ dogs because I no longer live with my own. I dog-sit. I tag along when friends dog-sit. I say hello to any and all dogs I pass on the sidewalk. My favourite summer activity is to spend a day sitting at the dog park, narrating the interactions between the over-excited-to-not-be-on-a-leash animals.  (Not alone. Don’t worry.) (Ok. Usually not alone.)


Not my dog. But definitely hit it off with this sassy bitch.

All of this is to say that I am having a hard time understanding why this Toronto man is so angry. Apparently, the city changed the zoning regulations of the park, moving the off-leash area right outside of Charles Marivale’s backyard. Prior to this, there were still dogs in the park, but they were more spaced out, rather than concentrated in the part of the park that Marivale’s yard faces.

He says the noise of the dogs is “constant harassment” which is negatively impacting his mental health.

Let me just reiterate here: The city changed some things around so that this man has a direct view of dogs playing. Whenever he wants to see dogs playing – all he has to do is look out his window.

Ok, fine, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but how bad could some extra barking really be?


Also not my dog. But at least I’m actually the one dog-sitting here.

What I am having an especially hard time understanding, however, is how and why he thought it was acceptable to compare living next to a dog park to turning his home into a POW camp. Yeah. He really did that. And not in a sarcastic, or over-dramatic for effect kind of way either.  He seems to seriously believe that the noise he bears listening to is comparable to the torture POWs were subjected to at Guantanamo Bay.

The difference? Other than the obvious extreme discrepancies between these two types of “torture” – this man can leave. He can move. Maybe that’s not a viable solution for a city and a citizen trying to come to a compromise between home and pet owners, both of whom have good points and need their space, but it’s a possibility. He has that option. Much unlike prisoners of war.

Dog barking can be incessant, loud, constant. Dog owners can be equally annoying. But in no way, by absolutely no stretch of the imagination, is living next to a dog park you didn’t ask for the same as having your home turned into a POW camp.

Sorry, bro.

come home shelagh

See? He misses me too.

What do you think? Have you had to deal with annoying animal or park related issues affecting your home? Is my dog the cutest, or what?

3 thoughts on “Toronto Man Likens Living Beside Dog Park to Guantanamo Bay

  1. When I take my Newton to the dog park in my area, it is rarely noise, even with 20 dogs there. There maybe a few barkers, but not many. I would hardly call it consistent, more like occasional at best. Me thinks the man just hates dogs

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