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John Tory Thinks Women Can Break the Glass Ceiling By Learning to Play Golf

John Tory thinks women can break the glass ceiling by learning to play golf.

I know, I know. That was the title of the article. But I thought it should be repeated. In fact:

John Tory thinks women can break the glass ceiling by learning to play golf.

Let’s break this down a bit, shall we?

John Tory

john tory women pay gap golf

Prospective runner in Toronto’s mayoral race; Former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario; Former CEO and President of Rogers Media; Also, the guy who approved that horrible federal PC ad that made fun of Jean Chretien’s facial deformity.

John Tory Thinks Women Can Break the Glass Ceiling (by just asking for more money)

john tory women asking money play golfA Google Image Search of women asking for money yields hookers, stealing a husband’s credit cards, and this weird lady.

Believe it or not, this whole statement by Tory is actually in DEFENCE of another statement he made about women making less money than men. His original point wasn’t about golf, it was that women make less money because they just don’t ask their bosses for it. He later defended these statements on his radio show (Yes. Another one of those Conservatives with a radio show.) by saying the whole idea that women are raised and socialized to be less aggressive is a “manufactured concept.” His reasons for that?

“I’ve never heard of parents telling young women or young girls that they don’t ask.”

Right. Little girls’ parents aren’t telling them “Never ask for things. You are a woman. You are worth less than men.” This is, first of all, not true, and secondly – completely disregarding the fact that people learn from elsewhere than just what their parents tell them to do or not do! Crazy, I know, that the entire organization and construction of our patriarchal society would have some effect on not whether we feel that we are ALLOWED to ask, but whether we feel that we should. Whether we even deserve to.

Also, you know, the fact that that whole “women don’t ask” idea is total BS, that even when women do ask and do every thing we are “supposed to” in order to get ahead, we are given less than men. That the problem isn’t whether or not women are doing “all the right things” to advance in the workplace – it’s that men don’t have to.

John Tory Thinks This Imaginary Problem Would Go Away if Young Women Learned to Play Golf

golf girls

Here’s where it gets complicated. We really have to delve into the warped mind of John Tory to grasp this one. First of all, keep in mind, this is him DEFENDING his other comments. This is him, after he had some time to gather his thoughts on the matter and spin his comments in such a way that he was no longer offending female voters. And he went with: “Young women, learn to play golf.”

I must have missed the part where only men know how to play golf. But ok, if all women suddenly could play golf as well as their magical male counterparts (who are probably innately born with the knowledge, because MEN and sticks and balls, ya know?) – would we suddenly be invited on bonding afternoons on the green with our bosses? We’d suddenly feel just as entitled to ask for raises as our male counterparts? Our first jobs after completing an MBA would no longer pay $8167 less than male MBA grads’ first jobs? Would we no longer have to worry about trying to balance work and family life?

So, to sum up:

John Tory thinks women can break the glass ceiling by learning to play golf.

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