Peter MacKay Spends His Summer Insulting Women

It’s summertime in the House of Commons. Our MPs aren’t meeting for an hour a day, questioning the government about its actions. They’re relaxing, they’re fishing, they’re starting early on their 2015 campaigns.

Or, in the case of Justice Minister Peter MacKay – they’re making ridiculous, stupid, sexist, hurtful remarks about women and their careers.

Peter MacKay, who is maybe the closest thing Stephen Harper has to a BFF (other than his cats), does stupid things in the summer. It’s his “thing.” Like in July of 2010, when he called a military search-and-rescue helicopter to take him on a private 10-minute ride from a remote location in BC, costing taxpayers thousands of dollars.

peter mackay sexist

 Not until YOU stop making me hate you.

Recently, Mr. MacKay was asked why there isn’t a more diverse group of judges sitting on federally appointed benches in this country. His response? They don’t apply.

Reporters asked him to explain himself – basically giving him a second chance to come up with a good sound bite and just gloss over the whole thing. His response? Women don’t apply to be judges because they have too close a bond with their children. Because they fear an “old boys club.” Because women have a closer bond with their children than men do.

In response to the questions of why there aren’t more visible minority federally appointed judges?

He simply ignored that part of the question.

Then, the messages that he sent to Conservative MPs on Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day were leaked.

On Mothers’ Day, he wrote that he was inspired by their ability to have two full-time jobs. In awe that “By the time many of you have arrived at the office in the morning, you’ve already changed diapers, packed lunches, run after school buses, dropped kids off at daycare, taken care of an aging loved one and maybe even thought about dinner.”

Cute. Out of touch a bit, maybe. But it’s Mothers’ Day and that’s the kind of Hallmark stuff you can expect from a politician.

On Fathers’ Day, however, he wrote that the men were, “shaping the minds and futures of the next generation of leaders.” He reflected, “It can also be daunting to consider the immense and life-long influence we have over our children… Our words, actions and examples greatly mould who they will become… We can only hope that the moments we spend teaching, guiding and loving them will sustain them throughout their lives.”

Ok. Breathe.

Peter MacKay is an insult.

He is:

– Enforcing stereotypes and outright SAYING that mothers are caretakers, and fathers are teachers.

– Saying that women change diapers, while men shape the minds of future leaders.

– Reducing all women to a maternal role. To Peter – women = mothers. I’m not sure it’s even crossed his mind that women could be judges or MPs and not also be mothers.

– Diminishing and demeaning the role of fathers, and the active role that they can, should, and want to play in their children’s lives.

– Being an ass.

– Making my head explode with how incredibly asinine the words coming out of his mouth can be.


And – it’s only the 5th day of summer.

His insulting, sexist, out of date and out of touch remarks are being pounced on by the media – but it’s unlikely anything will actually come of this. There has been zero sign of any forthcoming apology. Get on Twitter, get angry on social media. We’re going to be trying hard to keep this in the public eye at @ElleBeaver – join us – I’m sure there’s going to be a lot more where this came from.


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