One of Our Beavers Was on The Agenda With Steve Paikin and We Are Freaking Out!

Last night, our very own incredible superstar and badass babe, Isabelle Bourgeault-Tassé, joined a panel of pundits last night to talk free expression, outrage, and offence in the wake of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the ongoing rape culture controversy unfolding on Canadian university campuses.  She joined joined Susan G. Cole from Now Magazine; Jonathan Kay from The Walrus; Margaret Wente from The Globe and Mail; Derik From from the Canadian Constitution Foundation; and Monia Mazigh, human rights activist.

The Agenda - Elle Beaver - Free Speech

Note: This is unfortunately not a screen grab of a sassy hair flip. But there were a few of those.

Be sure to catch up on the issue by reading Isabelle’s essay From “Je suis Charlie” to Dalhousie’s DDS Gentlemen, in which she addresses the politics of power, privilege and the unequal exercise of free expression.

Here’s the episode in full – enjoy, and pass on your congratulations to Isabelle!! We are *so* proud of her!

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