Beaver Gives Zero F*cks in West Vancouver, Twitter Explodes

A national symbol was trending on Twitter yesterday morning after disrupting West Vancouver’s morning commute.

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West Vancouver police came across a beaver as they were driving down 15th Street at Bellevue Avenue around 7 am.  “We realized it was a beaver and oh my god, what’s a beaver doing there?” said Const. Jeff Palmer, West Vancouver Police Department spokesman. “We started beaver herding. He wasn’t super eager to go.”

While other officers redirected traffic, Palmer and a few supportive bystanders tried to shoo the rodent to a nearby park where beavers have been known to congregate.

The beaver was reportedly nonplussed by police attempts at communication:

But despite the attitude, police confirmed that the beaver will not be arrested for jaywalking:

We at Elle Beaver have our own suspicions about the intrepid rodent: said Beaver is likely a Lady-Beaver out to inconvenience everyone with its feminism. Much like us.

You do you, Beaver. You do you.


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