Lynx Goes to the Post Office, Is Cat-Called by Ontario Woman

It’s Spring (except maybe in the Maritimes, where it will be Winter FOREVER)!

And in celebration of the new season, Elle Beaver‘s trusty Cat Correspondent in Chief brings you the Greatest Canadian Cat Video Of All Time.

A Terrace Bay, Ontario, woman turned cat-caller earlier this week when she came across a lynx on a run to her/his local Canada Post office, posting a video of the encounter to YouTube and Facebook.

“Came out of my salon this evening at 6pm to find this guy hanging out uptown!” wrote Beth-Ann Colebourne, who posted the video earlier this week.

“What an amazing experience!” she continues. The kicker: “And yes I called it by kitty kitty……”

Much like the beaver who recently stopped traffic in downtown Vancouver, Kitty was clearly pissed by Colebourne’s attempts to be at one with nature.  And the Interweb was clearly on #TeamKitty, clutching its pearls, tsk-tsking and typing up messages of the It’s-All-Fun-And-Games-Until-Kitty-Eats-Your-Face-And-Fucks-You-Up variety.

But, meh, Colebourne doesn’t really care. In an act of profound self-examination, Colebourne referred to herself as “crazy girl” in her post.  Kudos to you, Madam, for having the courage to know yourself.  But I, a woman who once tipsily traipsed through the front yard in hot pursuit of a bull moose (because ERMAHGERD, you guys, he’s soooo amaaaazing!) whilst my mother yelled, “what’s wrong with you, get back in the house!!” (though admit it, Claire, you were right there with me), will not be the one to sit in judgement over you.

Seriously, though: SAY NO TO CAT-CALLING (for real – because look at those badass paws on that gorgeous kitty!)!

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