Tell GUTS Magazine About Your Experiences (or Lack Thereof) With Moms and Motherhood

The amazing women over at GUTS Magazine (a bi-annual Canadian feminist publication – not to be confused with the French magazine of the same name that French Wikipedia describes as, “un magazine bimestriel masculin trash”) are in the process of putting together their issue for the second half of 2015, and they’ve decided to focus on MOMS.

Canadian feminist magazine



Let’s help them gather a range of stories about Canadian moms by filling out their survey. They want to get a well-rounded idea about moms/mères/madres in Canada – whether that means you share your experiences of having / not having a mom, having / not having children – or what it has been like for you or the mother figure in your life to fit in / not fit in with gender “norms.”

Their survey is thoughtful and respectful, and includes questions such as:

Are you a feminist? How does your definition of feminism interact with your mother’s, or your children’s?” 


“How does having children or not having children interact with your work life?”

So go ahead and fill it out – it’s totally anonymous, and it’s a great way to honour Canadian moms and the Canadian feminist community!

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