The Elle Beaver Guide to Voting in #elxn42

Because we love democracy, elections and voting, Elle Beaver has come up with a list of helpful links that will help YOU figure out how to exercise your fundamental right as a Canadian citizen and VOTE! To start with, here is Election Canada’s helpful Frequently Asked Questions on elections!

Photos: Canadian Press

Photos: Canadian Press


Q: OMG, I don’t even know if I’m registered! What do I do?
A: Get a hold of yourself, woman (or man)!  You can see if you’re registered to vote here.  If you’re not registered, YOU STILL HAVE A RIGHT TO VOTE. Just bring the right ID.

Q: What kind of ID do I need to vote?
A: Polls will accept all kinds of identification cards – check out what kind of ID you need to vote here.

Q: I live abroad and I hear the law has changed. How do I vote?
A: Yes, the law has definitely changed and we’re still figuring it out. The answer is complicated, so refer to this helpful link.

Q: Gahhh!  I’m working during voting hours! What do I do?
A: By law, you can vote! Check this link to find out what responsibilities your employers has towards your right to vote.

Q: I have accessibility issues – what are my rights? 
A: Voting is your right and Elections Canada understands that here’s your guide to finding out what services are available to you, whether you’re in a wheelchair, are hearing or vision impaired, or need assistance in marking your ballot.

Q: I live at a shelter – what counts as my home address?
A: To quote that great institution, Elections Canada, “If you stay in a shelter: Your home address is the address of the shelter.  If you live on the street and receive services from a shelter or soup kitchen: Your home address is the address of the shelter or soup kitchen.”  Find out more here.

Q: How do I politely encourage my friends/family members/naysayers that voting is important?
A: POLITE?  No!  You flip a table, throw things and demand that they go with you IMMEDIATELY to the polling stations!

OR, remind them that that politicians are NOT all the same.  Case in point: Adolph Hitler vs. Mahatma Gandhi.  Nelson Mandela vs. Joseph Stalin.  George W. Bush vs. Barack Obama.  Etc.

OR, remind them that at stake are issues like child care, an inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women, renewal/defunding of rape crisis centres and women’s shelters, the pay-gap, rape culture on university and college campuses, cyber-bullying, Bills C51 and C36, a foreign policy that focuses on global women’s real needs, the safety of our environment, oil pipelines, and any other issues that Canadians care about!

OR, make this watch this Bell Media get-the-vote-out video in which E-Talk host (and son of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney) Ben Mulroney gets tattooed with Grumpy Cat:



Submit your questions to us in the Comments section, and we’ll do our best to find you some answers!

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