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Ridiculous Company Seeks Woman To Fill Role of SEO Specialist SLASH Receptionist

If you’re a woman looking for an opportunity as a content writer & SEO specialist in an openly sexist Toronto-based web development company, then, OH GURL, do we have a dream company for you!

That’s right – Vestra Inet recently advertised a job description for a content writer who can write for clients, has knowledge of SEO and social media, and, is preferably an owner of a vagina!

“Finally, equal opportunity in a male dominated industry?” you ask?! NOPE! Vestra Inet is looking to hire a woman because the role requires filling the responsibilities of a receptionist!!

I present to you the literal last line of the job description:

“Please note that the Position requires filling in the responsibilities of a receptionist, so female candidates are preferred.”

Um? WHAT?!


Just want to make sure you have all the necessary skills.

Twitter exploded Monday when the sexist job description – posted on LinkedIn – now humiliatingly removed – was brought to the interwebs attention. Check out #VestraInet for a compilation of hilarious screenshots of the job description and witty commentary. Yes, once again, #thisiswhyineedfeminism.


WANTED:  Well-rounded receptionist – IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN ;) ;) ;)

Looking past the glaring sexism for just a moment, I must ask, HOW IN THE HELL did your Human Resources department approve this? Wasn’t there at least one person in the office who thought that this might be treading on a Human Rights Act violation as a discriminatory act?

In a world that still openly celebrates Administrative Assistant’s Day aka. Secretaries Day – a holiday entrenched in sexism meant to thank those pretty little ladies for helping the Don Draper’s of the world – it’s less shocking than it should be that people still associate assistant/receptionist work as “woman’s work”.

It IS shocking, however, to see a company that bills itself as “a leader for web design in Toronto” be openly sexist in a job posting. And they’re being openly sexist in that ignorant way in which they think they’re actually attracting more applicants by specifically “encouraging” women to apply.





Our advice: If you’re a woman, never apply to work here. If you’re Vestra Inet, hire a competent Human Resources Manager who can swiftly give some training on discriminatory practices to your staff.

2 thoughts on “Ridiculous Company Seeks Woman To Fill Role of SEO Specialist SLASH Receptionist

  1. This makes me think that is the CEO of the company, I should post something for a male receptionist. I wonder what vestranet would think about our homeless employee policy. We hire homeless writers. We also have a policy that we only hire interns who serve and give back. Each and everyone of our humans have to give back whether they’re black white green Asian male or female they have to give and serve others.

    T Bestselling author/Ghostwriter

    Ceo OnFire Books!

    We use words to change lives.

    See what had to say:

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    As featured on the Discovery Channel, Wall Street Journal, Oprah and Huffington Post;


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