Get your breast self-exam on and #FeelitontheFirst!

It’s January 1st and that means it’s time to touch yourself!  That’s right. GIRL, touch yourself and maybe save your life.

Montrealer Natalie Agustin, or Nalie for short, is a breast cancer survivor and blogger extraordinaire whose life since the tender age of 24 has been devoted to raising awareness of breast cancer in young women.



And early last year, Nalie started encouraging women to #FeelitontheFirst, writing “on the first day of every month, I want you to feel yourself!  Yeah girl. Both literally, and figuratively.”

Cast caution to the wind, break out the candles, fur rug and soft music, close your eyes and do like Beyoncé – FEEL YOURSELF.  Jokes aside, Nalie writes, “Many women are afraid to feel themselves and find any changes, but early detection is key to survival!”  Feeling yourself “takes independence, courage, strength and determination.”

Look for changes in your breasts – notably around the skin, the nipple and the breast itself (read more).  And when you’re done feelin’ yourself, snap a selfie and join Nalie’s #FeelitontheFirst movement.  And get inspired with audacious, badass ladies who have joined Nalie to take the challenge.

So #FeelitontheFirst. Take control of your body, your life and maybe even save yourself.  Now that’s self-love.

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